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Teller CO FNRA Banquet

April 22, 2023 is the Friends of the NRA banquet.The Teller County FNRA holds these banquets not so much for the benefit of the NRA but for the benefit of Teller County and groups such as us within Teller County. In the past the Teller FNRA has given grants to our local 4H, the sheriff's office, the fire departments, as well as TCSS. A couple years ago TCSS received $12,000 which we used on the shotgun range, I know that the 4H and others received money as well.

 If you are interested in joining us please contact either Phil Chase or Harold Howell, our contact information is below. You will have fun, get a very good dinner, UTE Pass Inn catered, and you may even win one of the great door prizes. The event is Saturday, April 22, beginning at 5:00 PM at the UTE Pass Cultural Center in Woodland Park.

Harold Howell:  719-522-3022  or (

Phil Chase:  719-687-3162 or  (