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TCSS Fire Mitigation Policy

Under all weather conditions

  • Fire fighting equipment is located in the 100 yard range pavilion: shovels, rakes, fire extinguishers.
  • No incendiary rounds of any kind allowed
  • When closing the range, individuals will ensure there is no smoldering material on the range berms before leaving the range
  • “Patch & Ball” muzzle loaders will shoot from up-wind benches to keep patches on the range floor and check for smoldering patches before leaving the range.
  • Shooter will be extra vigilant during Stage 1 and 2 fire bans.

Stage 2 Fire Ban

  • The 200, 300, 400 yard range will be CLOSED

Stage 3 Fire Ban

  • The GCSSC will be CLOSED-The Range Manager or member of the TCSS Board of Directors will lock the gate to prevent access by anyone until the Stage 3 fire ban is reduced or lifted.

Red Flag Alert

  • The 200, 300, 400 yard range will be CLOSED