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Range Closure
TCSS Members: Those of you in Teller County and the surrounding areas are well aware of the tremendous amounts of snow
NRA RSO Training
A TCSS sponsored NRA RSO certification class will be held on Saturday, April 13, starting at 8:30AM, at the Victor Elks
CPW Small Range Grant Award
On January 31 TCSS was notified that our CPW small range maintenance grant ($6,563) application was successful, great ne
TCSS 2024 Goals Approved!
At the January 11, 2024 Board meeting the Board unanimously approved the overarching goals for the calendar year 2024.
TCSS Board Endorses Steel Target Usage
At the January 11 TCSS Board meeting the board formally approved, by unanimous vote, the usage of steel targets at the G
2023 EOY Newsletter
Please find attached the 2023 End of Year Newsletter.