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Range Safety Rules Update
Based on feedback from members, the Board has approved an update to our Range Rules to read as shown below relative to k
Shotgun Shooting Restrictions
Based on damage to target stands from shotgun shooting, the Board Of Directors voted last week to update our Code of Con
Public Days
Our 2024 Public Days began the weekend of May 4th and May 5th (10:00 AM - 3:00 PM) and will continue on most weekends th
25-yard Range Shelter Construction/OPEN!!
Construction of the new covered shelter at the 25-yard range is now complete and the 25-yard range is now open.
2024 1st Quarter Newsletter
Please find attached the 2024 First Quarter club Newsletter.
New TCSS Memberships
New memberships are now available by clicking on the "Join Now" button in the upper righthand corner.