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NRA RSO Training

A TCSS sponsored NRA RSO certification class will be held on Saturday, April 13, starting at 8:30AM, at the Victor Elks Club (128 N. 3rd Street, Victor, CO 80860). TCSS Life member and NRA Chief RSO Chris Hanks will be donating his time and will be leading the instruction. Class size is limited and as such those first to respond will have priority. The class is free to our members as TCSS will pay for all training fees and materials. Attendees are required to be a current member of the NRA and will be responsible for paying their NRA RSO certification registration fee upon completion (currently $35 every two years to renew). As a TCSS RSO, you will be expected to volunteer for a minimum of two days, or four shifts, per year in support of our public range days and other special group events. If you are interested and would like to attend, please contact our new RSO Coordinator Pablo de la Cruz by email at: or by text/phone at 303-434-7931. Pablo is also on the Cc line of this email.