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10:00 - 3:00  -  1805 Highway 81, Cripple Creek, CO
9:00 - 12:00  -  1805 Highway 81, Cripple Creek, CO
Closed from 9-12 for Divide Mountain Explores event.
Range Safety Rules Update
Based on feedback from members, the Board has approved an update to our Range Rules to read as shown below relative to k
Outdoor Skills Day (CPW)
On June 29 Colorado Parks and Wildlife will host an Outdoors Skills Day at Muller State Park near Divide.
Divide Mountain Explorers
TCSS will host a group of girls from the Divide Mountain Explorers at the range on Saturday, June 22 where they will lea
Shotgun Shooting Restrictions
Based on damage to target stands from shotgun shooting, the Board Of Directors voted last week to update our Code of Con
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