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Teller County Shooting Society (TCSS) offers several levels of membership as explained on the membership application. Membership requires a one time initiation fee of $200.00, plus annual dues for whatever level you choose. The Initiation fee and level of dues chosen must be paid upon submission of an application.

Membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA) is also required and must be kept current during TCSS Membership. Please submit a copy of your current NRA membership card or a label from your NRA magazine, along with your check and application. When you are accepted, you will be required to attend a Range Orientation (RO) briefing and sign a liability waiver. You then will receive a membership card, membership packet, and access to the range. Any associates that you have listed must take the RO briefing and then they will receive an associate member card. These RO briefings will be conducted by the Chief Range Safety Officer. Dates and times of RO briefings will be posted on this website, and emails will be sent to all who must attend a briefing.


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Long Rifle

The Gold Camp Shooting Sports Center (GCSSC) plans to have three rifle ranges. Our 100 yard range with 20 firing positions is now open and is being shared with pistol shooters. Once funding is available the GCSSC also will have a 500 yard hi-powered rifle range with 40 firing positions and a 50 yard small bore range with 20 firing positions.

Hand Guns

The Gold Camp Shooting Sports Center (GCSSC) plans to have a 25 yard pistol range with 20 firing positions. Our currently open 100 yard range is being shared by rifle and pistol shooters. Once funding is available the dedicated 25 yard pistol range will come on line.


Four skeet/trap ranges (High/Low Tower) are planned for the Gold Camp Shooting Sports Center (GCSSC) and we are seeking support from trap/skeet fans and members to help make this happen.


The TCSS is planning on developing a 50-yard archery range with 20 shooting positions. We are also looking into developing a 3-D range. At this time, archers are welcome to set up targets on the 100-yard range and notify Jerry Fritz when they plan to hold archery practice.


Our many TCSS volunteers make the difference!

Some of our dedicated members. They gave their time, materials, and use of equipment to build our range to what it is in 2015. These gals and guys are truly awesome and have been with TCSS from the very start. Thank you for all you do and your contribution to getting us up and running. See you at the range!

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